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Love's Labor

The Journey is Mightier than the Destination

The first question of the English language paper in school was always a composition. Out of five topics, we had to write any one piece of 350-500 words. While the rest of the class would start scribbling the moment they got the paper, I spent at least twenty minutes of the allotted two hours thinking. […]

Excerpt – Love’s Labor

“Life lost its color after Sathya left for Hyderabad. A month felt like years. Pia would call him every day after coming back from school. “I saw some exotic birds today,” she chirped excitedly after a school trip. “Did you see some bees as well?” Sathya’s deep-throated laughter made Piali weak-kneed. “Don’t be vulgar,” Pia […]


Anjum & Vandana – Unlikely Friends

My first instinct on hearing about the Love Across Borders anthology was to write a story based on the Wagah border. Dividing the two strife-torn neighboring countries is this fascinating place where, paradoxically, some semblance of unity is found. The audience sitting on either side of the fence bear the same complexion and features with […]


Dr. Kalam’s Stamp of Approval

14th June Dear Dr. Kalam Hoping this finds you in good health. I, Anindita Sarkar, a teacher for nine years and a corporate trainer for the last six, am delighted to be writing to you. A graduate of Banaras Hindu University, I started my teaching career in 1997. From 1997 to 2006 I taught English […]

Love's Labor

Love’s Labor: The Background Story

Love’s Labor comes from an incident about ten years ago, when it was discovered at home that a cousin had the audacity to fall for a gentleman from another community. All hell broke loose and the poor girl was subjected to the worst possible form of blackmail; from her mother threatening to swallow sleeping pills […]