A Love to Die For

Sreejan Guha Niyogi


Anand is a college geek who never expected the beautiful Nili to fall in love with him. Things seem perfect until his friend Asha is almost killed, Nili has a near fatal accident and he starts receiving threatening phone calls.

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Still reeling from the shock of bagging the prettiest girl in school, Anand is baffled by a series of incidents that seem to be threatening his loved ones. His best friend Asha narrowly escapes a perilous train accident, while Nili, his lovely new girlfriend, is seriously injured in a mysterious car crash.

When all three begin to receive death threats, though, Anand starts digging around. Against a backdrop of violence stirred up by state elections in Kolkata, Anand must fight to save the one he loves and the one who loves him.

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  1. Mimmy Jain


    A Love to Die For is a fast-paced romance with thriller-sque undertones. Anand and Asha are friends and their families expect them to marry. A chance online encounter with the beautiful Nili has nerdy Anand tumble into love with her. And when she, too, says she loves him, he is unable to believe his luck. But then start a series of dangerous accidents. This dramatic novel is set against the violence of elections in Kolkata and author Sreejan Guha Niyogi has blended the two expertly. His denouement is sudden and shocking – and leaves you gasping. Unputdownable!

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