Against All Odds

Jazz Singh


He comes from the world of the rich and famous while she is a small-town girl. It doesn’t help that his mother dislikes her intensely. Can they overcome the odds?

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On a rainy night, Sanjana and Abhimanyu meet in the most unromantic of conditions. She’s wet, muddy and is almost run over by him, while he accuses her of trying to scam money from him. After an acrimonious exchange, each hopes never to set eyes on the other again. But fate has other plans for them…

As they meet again, and yet again, Abhimanyu finds himself admiring Sanjana’s spirit and obvious talent. Before he knows it, he’s head-over-heels in love with her. It’s the perfect modern fairytale–business tycoon falls for struggling designer from nowhere–but then his mother enters the picture.

She makes it crystal clear that Sanjana has no place in her son’s life.

The two break apart until their worlds collide yet again; another accident, in another time and place. Will they come together this time, against all odds?

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  4. sudeepta kumar sahu


    A good read. The narration is too good, better than a real life at times. Thumbs up to Jazz singh 🙂

  5. Rubina


    She is Sanjana. A simple middle class girl from Kasauli and working in Delhi. Ambitious and idealistic. Just the type of girl a guy would fall in love with ….

    And a guy does fall in love with her. He is Abhimanyu. A rich businessman from the elite society of Delhi. He can have anyone he wants. But he fell in love with the simple girl who had almost come under his car. For whom he felt responsible. But she refused his help. Her spunk, her bravery and her innocence made him fall in love.

    The Story..
    He met her and fell in love. The story should finish here but then it will not be a love story. Why ever not – till today I don’t understand. But unless a story has a villain – it is not a love story. It is just a story. God bless all the villains of a love story. In this case it is the snobbish mother of Abhimanyu. She does a fantastic job and drives them apart.

    Now again our poor over-worked Destiny Sisters have to work overtime to bring them together. But will his mother ever be able to accept the simple girl from Kasauli or will Sanjana be the cause of rift between the mom and the son? Find out in this short read of Against All Odd by Jazz Singh.

    What I Liked…
    The simplicity of the narration. Jazz has a flair of story telling and it shows in the simple way the story progresses.
    Sanjana and Abhimanyu come out as a perfect pair. If Abhimanyu is headstrong and does tend to take things for granted – then Sanjana has the temperament to hold on her own against him.
    The secondary characters all came out well and created the perfect social atmosphere needed in the story.
    The Kasauli chapters were very heart touching. A peek inside a simple household where people are bound together by love.
    The editing of this novel makes it a wonderful read.

    Check out my reasoning at

  6. Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

    (verified owner):

    A straight and simple story about a discrimination that is so rampant in the world yet no one discusses it until it happens right at their home. Against All Odds talks of ‘class divide’, the one that is so strong in all societies no matter how rich or poor but which both the rich and the poor sweep under the carpet!

    “Men like Abhimanyu Chopra didn’t get serious about girls like her.”

    The characters are so “normal” that it feels as if you are reading the story of your friend from across the street. Sanjana is the sweet simple, accomplished, hardworking girl that espouses the values and ideals dear to a good upbringing. She is beautiful and kind to boot.
    The hero of course is the handsome, hot, rich guy, we see often on Page 3! He knows he has it all and it just makes him all the more irresistible for Sanjana. He has his hot looks, debonair manner and a kind heart that just keeps falling and falling for Sanjana.
    They meet in trying circumstances but it leads them to beautiful times ahead. They both feel the pull, the instant attraction when they meet every single time.
    “Abhimanyu and Sanjana strike up a friendship that seems destined to turn into something more….”

    Family intervenes and family settles the ties. The author has a finger on the pulse of the feelings of parents, whose love for their child blinds them.
    Desire and love add to the charm of this novella, the writing is smooth, emotions and feelings so beautifully expressed. Jazz is an expert on handling the ‘ties that bind’. She writes so effortlessly about the friendship and relaxed environment of Sanjana’s parents as well as the hot headed mother of Abhimanyu.

    The novella is well written but I felt that the sudden disappearance of Sanjana was a bit much and with his resources, Abhimanyu could have easily found her sooner; but then how would have the parents met?
    See I am no author so I can just agree with Jazz Singh and tell you all that the book was a good read and I finished it in one sitting from late night to really late night!
    The story keeps moving and keeps pulling you deeper; soon you will realise you spent a relaxing couple of hours with a well crafted book.

  7. Asha Balakrishnan

    (verified owner):

    Against all odds is my first book on Indireads and i was a little skeptical about reading a full length book on a flickering screen, but when i finished the book in one go, i realized I enjoyed the experience. I seem to have picked up one of the best light reads in recent times and so am glad about the experience.

    A typical M&B romance novella where a Small town designer Sanjana dashes againt City Tycoon Abhimanya’s car and there is a misunderstanding. They keeping bumping into each other at various occassions and sparks fly between the two. How they overcome the hiccups of misunderstanding & social standing is the story line spiced up with some clashes, romance and light family moments.

    I loved the characters of Sanjana and Abhimanyu. Sanjana is a modest and fiercely independant woman who loves to be self-made without seeking external help and Abhimanyu character is what any normal woman would fall far. An angry young man , although rich is down to earth without any airs . What arrested me in the whole book was the description of the small town Kasauli . I almost visualized myself in the hills of Kasauli with all those little children and Sanjana . Also, i loved the family moments and the camaraderie shared in small town relationships.

    Overall a breezy read and Ithroughly enjoyed my first experience at Indireads.

  8. arti


    A sweet and simple love story, with all the essential ingredients thrown in, against all odds, is a refreshing read. The characters are well described and lifelike. Sanjana has her head firmly fixed on her shoulders, sacrifices her love and does not have any bad feelings for anyone. Abhi is arrogant and nice both at the same time.
    I loved it. Another must read romance from Indireads.

  9. beinggaya3

    (verified owner):

    Against all odds, a simple love story with its lifelike characters and vivid narration is a compelling read. As the author unrolls the canvas, the characters spring into life as though they have been living next door all this time. Every character has an accurate portrayal irrespective of how big or small their role is.
    What didn’t work for me though are the portions depicting the intimacy between Sanjana and Abhimanyu. Its my personal opinion that premarital sex shouldn’t been advocated in a book. It is still a taboo in our culture. There are exceptions in the society. Exceptions cannot define rules. Exceptions might soon become the norm. But let us not make it sooner. Books, these days are increasingly having such obscene stuff. Let us spare another Sanjana in a small town to imagine it as a ‘cool’ thing taken lightly by the city-bred. Overall, a quick and relaxed read.(

  10. Sundari Venkatraman


    Sanjana is a small-town girl who has moved to Delhi as an Interior Designer. While she’s slowly gaining a reputation, she slips and falls in front of millionaire industrialist Abhimanyu’s car. He’s convinced that she’s out to get what she could out of him, while she’s certain that he is an arrogant snob. She lands up with a hairline fracture.

    Not long after, they meet again and yet again. While Sanjana finds herself falling in love with Abhimanyu, she is sure that she would never fit into his world. His mother is also positive about this. And what about Abhimanyu himself? Is he in love with Sanjana or is he just playing with her?

    This juicy romance by Jazz Singh is an absolutely fun read. Sanjana is creative, hardworking as well as a cheerful young lady. Abhimanyu is a suave businessman who has been brought up to be protective about his wealth and status. The author weaves a lovely story around the small-town Sanjana and city-boy Abhimanyu that’s very endearing. Good language, interesting dialogues and realistic situations make for a good read. Congratulations, Jazz Singh! Way to go!

    My only peeve is the last scene was a tad abrupt. But I suppose good things don’t last forever.

  11. Anindita Sarkar


    Against All Odds is a fast-paced, quick-read that hooks the reader from the word Go. As Sanjana & Abhimanyu find their way through the maze of love, they take us along in their journey of class divide, ego clashes, and of course, love. Jazz Singh has woven the events in an interesting string that keeps the reader glued till the last page.

  12. Claudelle Deobhakta

    (verified owner):

    In India it is not just the boy and girl that matters but the friends as well. Against All Odds brings out this aspect so well whilst building on the sexual and romantic tension between the two main characters. Good job!

  13. Mimmy Jain

    (verified owner):

    I was hooked from the first chapter, when ‘the accident’ happens. The sparks that fly between Sanjana and Abhimanyu are full of sexual tension. Enter the mother-in-law from hell, and the recipe is complete. How can you not like a book like Against All Odds, where the hero and heroine fall in love in spite of their misgivings about each other? The descriptions of Sanjana’s middle class home in Kasauli and her relationship with the community there, nurtured over years of small-town living, add to this endearing story by Jazz Singh.

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