Facebook Pyar

Arti Arlene Martyris


Can Gunjan and Prateek trust their online personas, or is Facebook pyar a pipe dream?

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He is in Patna, she is in Hyderabad. He is Hindu, she is Christian. Her ex-boyfriend, James, is wooing her relentlessly, with her family’s enthusiastic support and blessing. And Prateek and Gunjan have never met in person!

With so many obstacles to overcome, it seems silly to take their Facebook relationship any further. But the young lovers just can’t seem to resist each other.

Can the two young lovers trust their online personas, or is Facebook pyar a pipe dream?

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  1. Zahra Habib - Tech Vise

    (verified owner):

    I’m not sure if I liked the story more or the character of Subah – I think i’ll go with the story because thats why Im actually here – to tell you all that I enjoyed reading this novel because it had the ingredients of a sweet romance novel.

    You will find humor, romance, building of trust and the element of ‘trouble maker’ but the good thing is that he too has a change of heart and comes to his senses.

    The lead roles were strong and firm in their standing but I loved the characters of hero’s best mate and Subah, as I have already mentioned.

    Good Work Arti!!

  2. kushal


    itz a nicee story must read …..

  3. Himanshoo Satender Singh


    Facebook Pyar: the lingering flavour of sweet, innocent love!

    Here’s a love story that transcends not only distance, cultures and religions, but also the more directly complex concerns of personal and domestic turmoil (the author deserves a pat on the back for the way her characters handle the personal issues – mature, with a why-cry-over-spilt-milk, matter of fact attitude).

    The protagonists, young-college-goers Prateek and Gunjan, living miles apart are involved in an ‘online affair’. Their diverse religious, social and economic backgrounds, along with well-caricatured support characters complete the necessary ingredients for an intriguing romantic story. Prateek, who lives in Patna, comes from a lower middle class family and has to take up part-time jobs to support his expenses. Gunjan lives in Hyderabad with her single mother and little sister.

    Throughout the story you carry the butterflies, encountering the jerks and bends in the plot, awaiting that final twist which will prevent the budding affair from blossoming. The author adeptly keeps the suspense alive along with the romance.

    Wonderfully scripted, good characterisations (you can almost feel the actors alive), and fast paced – this is one short story you wished was more detailed and, thus, lasted longer. The narration and language is easy. The tech-savvy generation can connect with the SMS lingo used often during the online conversations.

    Recommended, with a line borrowed from this adventure: ‘Love is like bungee jumping with no strings attached’.

    Kudos to the author, Arti Arlene Martyris, for coming up with a contemporary, yet mature, love story.

  4. Mimmy Jain


    The title, Facebook Pyar, may seem like a light, breezy romance, but author Arti Arlene Martyris tackles weightier issues here in the garb of a romance: dysfunctional families, cyber romance versus a full-face-on one. It is always easier to confide your troubles in someone who doesn’t know you and new technology allows you to do that. Gunjan and Prateek fall in love while they chat on FB, talking of life and their troubled home lives. Fuelled by stories about the dupes that take place online, Gunjan’s mom, a single mother, is horrified. A thought-provoking read.

  5. Sundari Venkatraman

    (verified owner):

    Prateek lives and studies in Patna. An only child, he is very close to his mother who is constantly beaten up by his father. Gunjan lives about 1500 km away in Hyderabad. Belonging to a Christian family, she lives with her mother and school-going sister. Her father had left them long ago for another woman.

    The two of them come in touch with each other on Facebook. Over many chat sessions of sharing their family histories and many other things, they fall in love. Enter James – Gunjan’s childhood sweetheart. Will the long-distant relationship with Prateek stand a chance against James’ proximity?

    A cutesy love story that is very much contemporary. I fell in love with the title and that’s what made me buy the book.

    Arti has penned a romance between two strangers who meet on the social media network, how they go on to trust each other and fall in love. It makes for a fun read and will surely appeal to all the college students. At the end, the author got me a mite worried whether Gunjan will ever get together with the man of her dreams. Good work Arti Arlene Martyris!

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