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Love’s Labor

Andy Paula


Torn between tradition and love, Piali leaves home in a bid to escape contention, and bring peace back into their lives.

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Piali Roy has had enough. Between her beloved father, a rigid traditionalist who refuses to accept anyone from outside their caste and community, and the ‘unsuitable’ Sathya, who is madly in love with her and won’t back down in his quest to get her, Piali is ready to jump off a mountain top without a parachute.

So, she’s left home, and the small town of Jampot, and is trying to find peace in a remote hill station. It looks like her past is about to catch up with her, though…

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  1. Pratikshya


    Torn between her unrelenting father and the man she loves, Piali Roy can take it no more. She’s sad that her loving father upholds his principles more than he cherishes her, his beloved daughter. She’s disappointed that her mother never takes her side and no one understands her. Neither can she marry Sathya against her father’s wishes, nor can she forget him. Eloping is out of question. She therefore decides to go away from everything she holds dear- away from her parents, away from the memories of love, away from the quaint township of Jamshedpur. She joins the Christ Church School in Mussoorie, willing to live a simple life, with minimal contact with everyone she knew and wishing Sathya would never find her. And then one day after several months of frantic search, Sathya finds her.

    The cover page of every Indireads novella is beautiful. This painting showing the hills, pleasing landscape and Love’s Labour is beautiful too. The author Andy Paula is a nuanced writer. I had loved her short story ‘Anjum’ in ‘Love Across Borders’. She uses more third person narration and less of dialogues; and I have grown a liking to this writing style. The settings in her stories mirror the emotions in the characters. The Steel city, Jamshedpur shows the normal life, steeped in traditional family values, and town gossips. Here the hills are the places where there’s a turning point in Piali’s life. The picturesque environment in Pangani is where Sathya Nair enters Piali’s life. The scenic locales of Mussoorie are where she finds her love back, at a time when it seems so impossible.

  2. Rubina


    he most impressive thing about this novella is its simplicity. The story of a simple, Bengali school teacher falling in love with the chairman’s son. As with the other stories of Indireads, I found that this simple tale too has a moral behind it. It is not about just sex or love. It is about values and respect.

    When Piali falls in love with Sathya they find many hurdles in their path. Piali is from a staunch Bengali family and Sathya is from a Malayali family. The former is a simple, middle class family while the other belongs to the elite society.

    And to top it up, Sathya was engaged to the Principal’s daughter. But despite all the obstructions in their love affair, they still fell in love. But what proved to be the strongest opposition in their path is Mr. Roy, Piali’s father. It was something he believed in and his staunchness was deep rooted which even his love for his daughter could not reject. So how would the two star crossed lovers meet? Will they elope or is it the end of their love affair? As I have told you earlier, it is the morality and the purity of the story that attracted me most. This story might restore your faith in true love, where the guy would go to any length to get his girl even to the extent of ……….[find out:)]
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  3. arti


    A light read. I finished the book in one sitting and enjoyed it. The characters are very realistic and the plot is interesting. What makes it all the more interesting is that the book starts with Sathya tracking her down and the story being in flashback. The book ends suddenly but I was expecting a little more.

    Highly recommended.

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  4. Bhavya


    Sitting down in my favourite bean bag and a huge mug of coffee, I began reading Andy Paula’s Love’s Labor. Never knew when my coffee mug became empty and when I got so carried away with the story that I finished the entire novella in one sitting. Interesting and engrossing would describe the book aptly.

    Piali is a headstrong and unconventional teacher who knows very well how to handle the 12th standard boys and to get them to be interested in the English classes that she handles. Her potential is rewarded with lots of opportunities wherein she is required to organize the centenary celebrations at the school she works in.

    A phone call from Sathya, her love from the past comes like a bolt out of the blue and there begins the flashback as well as the story.

    The characters portrayed in the book seem very real and could easily be you, me or our neighbor. The various ‘issues’ portrayed in the book are real and happening around us almost on a day to day basis and the author has very subtly incorporated that into her story – knowingly or unknowingly.

  5. beinggaya3


    I enjoyed reading this book at one go and later wondered what kept me glued when the story is such a simple, typical one. It’s definitely the author’s storytelling skills. The blossoming of love between Sathya and Piali, the way they take it forward and their families stance are realistic and never appear cliched. A couple of conversations between Sathya and Piali are actually cute. I would have loved to read more of their sweet nothings 🙂 And this novella definitely ‘captures the very essence of being South Asian’, as Indireads claims itself to be. On the flip side, I felt the book ended a little abrupt.

  6. Sundari Venkatraman


    This review has been very long due. I finally made the time to read Love’s Labor by Andy Paula a couple of nights ago. I finished the lovely book at one go. Very interesting read!

    Piali is a teacher who works with 12th standard students in Mussourie. She lives by herself at the accommodation close to her school. She is in charge of the centenary celebration that’s being organised at the school. In the middle of a busy day, she gets a call from Sathya, the love of her life. He has discovered her whereabouts.

    From this point, the story takes you in flashback. If Sathya is the love of her life, then why are they not together? You have to read the story to find out.

    I somehow feel that Piali’s character is very similar to author Andy Paula’s. It’s just an instinct. Both are teachers who love teaching English. Piali has a powerful leadership quality that also somehow tells me is a lot like Andy Paula. The President of the country visiting the school also seems to be based on Andy’s connection with Ex-President Abdul Kalam.

    Apart from that, I liked the way Piali Roy has been etched. Her struggle with her parents, her father’s stubborn attitude and her mother’s silent support of her father – everything has been framed well.

    I loved Sathya’s character. He is the perfect character for a romance and really came across as a hero. Lucky Piali!

    One thing disappointed me, though. The end was abrupt and I was startled to see that that was it, the story was over. Quite unexpected!

    All in all, a very well written, lovely story that is worth a read. Congratulations Andy Paula – looking forward to reading more of your work!

    The cover is perfect for the book and has been done by Naila Ahmed. Kudos Naila!

  7. Storm Chase


    To be honest I was dreading this because I never got past page 67 or so in A Suitable Boy and another modern Indian classic (I forget the name) was also a disaster. Love’s Labor though was great!

    This is a short, sweet love story between Piali, a modern Indian girl who has a career and who also loves her father too much to upset him by marrying out of her cast, and Sathya who is handsome, independent and despite being the son of a very rich man not spoiled rotten. I love the way Piali and her mum go about resolving this. Very nicely done. Recommended.

  8. Partha Mukherjee

    (verified owner):

    The first book of an author is in most cases an autobiographical or semi-autobiographical work. And in case of Andy Paula’s Loves Labor also it appears to be so! Nothing wrong with that and the novella is a very lucidly written and thoroughly enjoyable read.
    One easily identifies with the protagonist Piyali Roy’s mentality and actions…. which are at once modern and very sensible, with the right doses of sentimentality thrown in. The reader easily flows along with the ups and downs of her relationship and is always on the edge thinking ‘what next?’ The problems in a relationship of a modern Indian middle class girl has been depicted extremely well. ‘Unclosable’ without finishing – if I may say – regarding this e-book !
    A lot of more work is expected from this author ….. and we hope that with more experience she will be able to add more depth to other characters of her novels – apart from that of the main protagonist.

  9. Sumeetha Manikandan

    (verified owner):

    Love’s labour is a heart-warming love story that will keep you turning those pages until you reach the end. The poignant love between Piali and Sathya is beautifully brought out against the background of small town mentality and caste prejudices.

    I ditched Julia Quinn’s latest to sit with Love’s Labour and was not disappointed. A lovely well-written story with strongly etched characters. Looking forward for more from this author.

  10. Madhurantika Moulick

    (verified owner):

    Congratulations Andy!  It was indeed a pleasure reading your novel. 

    The characters, the situations, the emotions all so vivid. And indeed a great choice of the theme and the message behind. 

    And thanks for choosing the digital option, it is such a blessing for some of us, who are eternally on the road and spend time in remote countries! And of course for being environment friendly! 

  11. kopal


    Love’s Labor is a love story many will associate with. Andy Paula brings to life Piali’s and Sathya’s journey with her vivid descriptions and realistic settings! You feel like you are living the journey with the characters, almost wanting to comfort them in their low moments!! It’s a book that you would not want to put down till the last page.
    Well done Andy Paula!! Looking forward to many more from you.

  12. pradeep


    have read the book….
    beautifully written…
    i just could not stop reading…
    wish you a great success

  13. Ady

    (verified owner):

    ‘Loves Labor’ is absolutely intriguing and Andy’s writing is here to stay!

    I bet, once you start reading you can’t wait to reach the finish! One look at the book cover and you just want to read it. I am sure its not just me but many others out there who can relate to Piali and Sathya, very well.

    A must read for any one who has ever loved or longed to love! The realities of Love and the Labor behind it, written down in a simple yet enchanting manner.

    We want more Andy !!


  14. Yogi

    (verified owner):

    Hey Andy I finally read your book Love’s Labor .. Don’t know what to say, it’s truly a master piece a delight to read, feel, experience the journey of Sathya & Payali (Could co-relate to my own real life Love Labor). You have made it so easy yet amazingly interesting, I read it during my office hours, couldn’t wait to finish it.

    Initially i thought i knew & have met Piyali but few chapters down i realized it was not Piyali it was Anandita that i knew … U both are different.

    My Best wishes to you for this amazing journey, like many other I will be waiting for another Andy Paula’s Masterpiece.

  15. Ady

    (verified owner):

    is enchanting!! Highly recommended!!

  16. Ananya Dhawan (Feature Editor, eFiction India)


    ‘Love’s Labor’ is a light, innocent and a heart fluttering read. The writer has presented ‘love’ in a very pleasant and a charming way. I found the book balanced in the sense that it is penned down in a style neither too intense, nor too casual. The story is poignant and also has a philosophical tinge to it. The characters seem very real. The School and the scenes described in Mussoorie made me relate to the story in a broader way. I would definitely recommend the novella.

  17. Avril


    Kudos to Andy Paula for the brilliantly written and amazing story. The characters are so lifelike! And once you start reading you just have to finish the entire book, it’s that good!!
    Looking forward to reading many more brilliant stories written by Andy Paula

  18. Claudelle

    (verified owner):

    The yearning of Piali and Sathya’s love for each other was poignant and touching. The school setting so realistic that I had memories jumping out at me even as I was reading. Great job Andy!

  19. Lakshmi


    Brilliantly written!Most of all,loved Satya. Kudos Andy!

  20. Shyam Matharoo

    (verified owner):

    The book is brilliantly written, The characters are brought to life and one feels like being with them throughout their journey, from Panchgani to Jampot to Mussoorie. Once you start reading it, you cannot leave without finishing it. Its that good. Kudos to Andy Paula

  21. Priya


    Amazing book n would like to read it further.. Its like a true bond of love thats just the way my story is.. Keep writing..

  22. Aishwarya

    (verified owner):

    Lovely one.. I know the author can never miss any opportunity to bring in her specialties ; Love, Romance, Humor sense, and a lively philosophy..

  23. Nidhi Priya


    Andy Paula, i loved your book! And considering I wasnt too keen on buying it in the first place, I was amazed that I finished it at one go 🙂 Jampot appealed to me and brought back memories of my own growing up years there. Piali and Sathya are as real to me as my next door neighbours. Look forward to more books from you.
    A reluctant admirer.

  24. Parx


    Love’s Labor, a story of the seemingly unsurmountable caste barrier, has that haunting element of romance, that makes you want to reach out to the protagonists.
    The characters are well-etched & the story unfolds beautifully. A good read, that makes you look forward to more books by this author. Give us more Andy Paula.

  25. Jazz Singh


    Love’s Labor is the poignantly told story of Sathya and Piali who are in love but can’t be together because in this crazy country of ours caste and creed matter. The young lovers try to suppress their feelings and stay apart in deference to the old fashioned beliefs of the parents. A story simply told that tugs at the heart strings as it gently unfolds. Many a reader out there will be able to identify with this true-to-life romance.

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