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Only a Dream

Jazz Singh


Varun’s sudden reappearance in Rhea’s life has suddenly made things so complex…

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Rhea is successful, accomplished and perfectly content in the comfortable little niche she has carved out for herself. She’s moved on from the heartbreak of her past, and hasn’t looked back in years. When Varun comes waltzing into her life again, however, Rhea is unprepared for the rush of memories that upset her neat little life. Nor is she able to push back her broken dreams, and learn to trust again.

Varun wants her back, but it looks like an uphill task, at best…

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  4. Jacki


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  14. Alla


    It’s a relief to find soomnee who can explain things so well

  15. Amelia


    These pieces really set a standard in the inrydtsu.

  16. T.A.


    The author has been able to connect us with the characters in the story while giving us an adorable love story.
    I could not put down the book Only a Dream by Jazz Singh. Therefore I finished in one sitting.
    I am looking forward to reading her next book.

  17. arti


    The story is simple, short and sweet. The author had created very realistic characters and the relationships have been portrayed well. The feelings of the characters have been described beautifully.
    I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to another book by the same author.

  18. sumeetha manikandan

    (verified owner):

    An intriguing romantic plot! What will a girl do if the man who jilted her badly six years ago comes back in her life as her boss? Rhea does just what any other girl would do in her position. She puts down her papers and ignores Varun without compromising their professional relationship. But Varun is tenacious and persistent. He wants to make amends, explain and get her pardon but Rhea doesn’t have the time to listen to him.

    Flitting back and forth the background story of their early relationship is told in flashback. I loved the interactions between their gang of friends who stand up to Rhea when she needs them most. And the chemistry between Rhea and Varun simply sizzles!

    So why does Varun jilt Rhea despite loving her passionately? You will have to find it out yourselves!

  19. Mimmy Jain


    Rhea is heart-broken when the love of her life, Varun, marries someone else. She throws herself into her work as head of the events management team at a hotel. But then one day, Varun walks back into her life, as her new boss. This light-hearted romance is a fun read about mistaken obligations and enduring bonds of love, family and friendship. Jazz Singh has created a group of unforgettable characters in Varun and Rhea’s friends and the easy camaraderie they all share.

  20. Sundari Venkatraman


    A cute love story with a five star hotel in the background! Then there are Varun’s friends Ajay and Kirpal who also become Rhea’s friends. A very typical Indian scenario with the parents of both main characters in the background and a lot of back and forth between the two in the form of dialogue throughout the book, keep the reader hooked.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Only a Dream by Jazz Singh. I look forward to reading another book by the same author which is called Against All Odds.

    I have to mention here that the cover by Mariyam Iftikar looks delicious.

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