Passionate Pen

Dedunu Dissanayake


Dinuka is a great reporter—except when it comes to love! Himath, her neighbour and long-time crush blows hot and cold, while Asela is definitely interested but also definitely married. Can Dinuka uncover her true love story?

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Dinuka loves her work at the Guardian, and has all the instincts of a good journalist. But the attractive reporter is all at sea when it comes to men and their mysterious ways.

Her neighbor Himath, the man she has been in love with since childhood, doesn’t seem to have noticed that she has matured into a beautiful, desirable young woman. Asela, her married boss has certainly noticed, and professes his love for her; but is he after her heart or her body?

In the office or out chasing assignments, Dinuka navigates the world of men and learns about life, love and her own desires. Can she script her own love story, or is she destined only to report from the sidelines?

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    Childhood friends grow up and apart only to rediscover each other through a series of exciting, breathtakingly romantic events in Dedunu Dissanayake’s young adult novella – Passionate Pen.

    Set in the offices of a Publishing House in Colombo, Dinuka and Himath experience an unexplainable attraction which will soon be overlaid by other superficial connections that dazzle and distract but finally fizzle out. The innovative style the writer adopts to present the story – in the form of a series of emails interwoven with ordinary prose reminiscent of the entries in a diary is at once intimate and speaks straight to the hearts of those of us who live our lives virtually on-line. For Dinuka and Asela what begins as a professional e-relationship turns into a bond which Asela staunchly believes will act ‘as a catalyst’ for all other relationships they know. Thankfully, Asela isn’t Dinuka’s only romantic interest – of course.

    With some surprising twists and turns, with a twenty-two year old heroine who becomes truly admirable despite her situation, Passionate Pen is a great book that mixes eloquent South Asian sentiments with 21st Century high-tech behavior. Thank you Dedunu, for this exciting read.

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