Pyar Aur Poetry

Roopa Menon


Arundhati—college-ki-rani; Nikhil—tongue-tied nerd. Can this unlikely pair have anything in common, or is Nikhil destined to lose out to the ingenious D. G. Beckett?

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College beauty Arundhati Basu would rather stick her head in the proverbial oven than host this year’s Founder’s Day event with tongue-tied nerd, Nikhil Menon. Compared to the brilliant but elusive poet, D. G. Beckett, Nikhil is a green toad.

As Arundhati gets to know him, however, she finds herself oddly drawn to the shy geek, and he, in turn, grows in confidence as he spends more time with her. His hopes for a lasting relationship with Arundhati seemed to be within his reach.

If only she could forget D. G. Beckett!

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  1. Manogna


    The story starts with the confident three time winner Arundhati Basu who loses the latest addiction of the poetry competition,beaten by an unknown D.G.Beckett.

    Enter Nikhil Menon the tongue tied nerd, whose only claim to fame is the epic failure, when he attempted to get on stage to speak a few lines!

    When both are brought together by fate, they change their personalities for the better.

    As the story progresses,Arundhati and Nikhil are in love(opposites do attract it seems!), but will D.G.Beckett let them be?

    An easy read, fresh college love story worth a read.

    What I like, the supportive Ammuma, the positive change in Nikhil and the ready to learn – Arundhati.

  2. Arti


    The story is different and the characters have been beautifully thought of, complete with excellent descriptions: West meets East. Nikhil has been portrayed as the simple, likable, grounded boy next door while Arundhati is the typical elite Indian girl who loves everything non-Indian and things like thepla and Khakhras are foreign sounding foods. She sounds so much like the girls in school who speak the local language interspersed with English words.
    The language is excellent and the flow is good. I loved Nikhil’s understanding grandmother.
    Well done, Roopa. Waiting for the next one.

  3. Prats

    (verified owner):

    A story of discovering talent in some one you have never bothered to know. A story of a guy finding unique way of overcoming his inhibitions and trying to win over his love.a clash of literary choices and the merits of each. I absolutely liked both the characters in equal proportions. while some where i relate to nikhil finding it hard to be liked , i also have been like arundhati when it comes to exploring indian literature. if Arundhati had ever read a tale like this one , i am sure she would have respected indian writers ! i liked this fresh take on love in college setting.

  4. Divya S

    (verified owner):

    The highlight of Pyaar Aur Poetry is the author’s skill with English. Roopa Menon wields the language like a master weaver wields the loom. The result is a story with a design that is seemingly simple, but which contains many delightful intricacies. Sentences stand out shiningly, and yet blend in with the general mood of the novella, which is breezy. The characters are instantly lovable and recognisable. And the story of their romance is not new, but refreshing all the same. It is a quick pick-me-up book for when you feel a little blue.
    There is some scope for improvement. There are many characters introduced that don’t really seem to have much place in the story. Some of the clichés could have been avoided. The story could have been edgier.
    But Pyaar Aur Poetry has the one quality that is most important in any story. At the end of every page, you always want to know what happens next.

  5. Vijaya Vaithilingam


    ‘Pyar aur Poetry’ is one of the sweetest love stories I’ve read. Immaculate Queen’s English interspersed with Bombay’s college lingo is interesting! Looking forward to reading more from Roopa

  6. Sumeetha

    (verified owner):

    This is unlike any other college romance that I have read and the title is aptly chosen. Arundhati is a college favourite whose love for anything western makes her scorn anything that is Indian. Nikhil is college geek who is in love with her. Forced to work together on their Founder’s day function, Nikhil sets about tough task of wooing Arundhati with his grandmother’s blessing. But Arundhati is all ready to fall in love with an elusive poet (who anonymously won a poetry contest).

    I fell in love with Nikhil at the end of the book and wished that I were Arundhati. Beautifully written novella, looking forward to more from this writer.

  7. Mimmy Jain

    (verified owner):

    College love is always enchanting. Roopa Menon uses her love for Sylvia Plath and all things literary to fashion this beauty-meets-nerd tale of two young people, who live on opposite sides of the college canvas, but find love when they are thrown together. Some Bollywood-style high jinks and mistaken identities make this novella a fun read. The growth of the hero, Nikhil, in particular, is traced very well by Menon. And she brilliantly cocks a snook at the pretentious predilections of the literati.

  8. Karthika v.k.


    Sparkles with fun and romance and poetry–terrific ingredients for a great read!

  9. bhavanamurali

    (verified owner):

    Roopa is going places – that compliment is for delivering a work that is polished and perfect. This book is a current, hip and now. Its for those who love poems, literature, writer’s groups. its for the dreamers and those who love literature in the subcontinent. Thanks for taking me back to my bachelors degree years in Trivandrum and my writers group years in Townsville. Superb read!

  10. NeelimaVinod

    (verified owner):

    A fun read, Roopa Menon talks about literati-glitterati in Pyar or Poetry. If you are the sort of person who wished you fell in love with a lit lover, this book is for you. It makes you realize that even lit lovers have their own ideas about what literature means…loving a lit lover could make you re-evaluate for instance what you think of Plath…..
    I felt like studying literature all over again when I read this, and maybe meeting a Beckett as well;)

  11. faiqa mansab

    (verified owner):

    There’s a feeling one gets, a rare but heady feeling of finding a gem of a book, once in a while. The excitement is of having discovered not just a book, but an oeuvre…because surely, there will be more treasures where this one came from?
    That’s the feeling I got, reading Roopa Menon’s, Pyar Aur Poetry. Written in the classical style, with a plot to match, this story articulates the abandon and arrogance of youth, along with the hopes and dreams it brings, with mastery and compassion. Arundhati, flawed and fabulous and Nikhil, unassuming and brilliant, keep the reader entranced. This is an intelligent and intellectual read. Loved every minute of it. I hope to read more from this fantastic writer.

  12. Sundari Venkatraman


    What struck me the most is the excellent language in which Pyar Aur Poetry has been penned. I was truly impressed by Roopa Menon’s play with the Queen’s language. Kudos! The story is simple and beautifully written and the plot very interesting.

    I liked Nikhil being there for all things Indian and how he slowly manages to convert the snooty Arundhati who is absolutely Firang in her tastes – in food, books as well as films. I enjoyed reading the Rajnikant sequence and Nikhil’s simple joy in teasing her.

    The end has turned out beautifully and I found it absolutely romantic. Keep up the good work, Roopa Menon! Looking forward to more from you!

  13. ShwetaGK

    (verified owner):

    ‘Pyaar Aur Poetry’ is so much more than your average run of the mill love story. Cloaked in the garb of a romance novella, this wonderfully written book is also a tongue-in-the-cheek look at how Indian writing and writers are almost wholly overlooked by the Indian literati.
    Through the distinct personalities the snooty but eager to learn Arundhati and the geekish but talented Nikhil Menon, the author Roopa Raveendran Menon weaves a very interesting love story that presents both sides of this very theme.

    Is western literature the last word in literature? Will the literati ever embrace Indian writing? And what about personification of the two sides of the debate, Arundhati and Nikhil? Will the twain ever meet? Add to the mix, the enigmatic DG Beckett and his poems that enthralled Arundhati and you have a superb read.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the read and recommend it as a must-read for admirers of intelligent romances and lovers of literature alike.
    With a debut this good, I just cannot wait for Roopa Raveendran Menon’s next offering.

  14. Lata Raveendran

    (verified owner):

    Love can be love and many things other. The author has effortlessly evoked myriad emotions through her witty interplay with words around the theme of romance. The book stirs up one’s imagination with soulful intricate descriptions throughout the story. When reading Pyaar Aur Poetry, one thing comes to mind, ‘a hundred love stories are being told everyday but the beauty lies in the telling, not the tale’

  15. Ameeta Maliekkal

    (verified owner):

    Nowadays it is a very rare thing to find a book written by a young author whose language is impeccable. Hats off to this young author!!

  16. Neelima

    (verified owner):

    A refreshingly different story that left me with a warm fuzzy feeling..I fell in love all over again!!a must read for anyone who believes in Pyar aur Poetry..

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