Scars of Love

R S Khambete


Irreparably scarred in an accident, Seema has to rebuild her life without the beauty that had always opened doors for her.  Can she discover hidden depths to her character or is she just another pretty face?

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A freak accident turns Seema’s perfect life upside down. Horribly burnt and in pain, her hospital bills are mounting, her job is at stake and her handsome fiancé seems more and more distant. If it wasn’t for the annoyingly determined doctor, Seema would have given up long ago. After all, what was there left to live for?

What will it take for Seema to accept her own scarred body, and fight to reclaim all that she has lost?

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  1. Sanjay

    (verified owner):

    Sanjay Khambete

    The trailing mail was sent to author which by itself is more than a review
    First mail at 14:00 hrs :sorry for late responce, busy reading your novel, nice one now on page 45, remembered “final diagnosis” with vivid medical details”
    Second mail at 18:00 hrs. “finished reading almost non stop from 1 pm (I downloaded) to now. Thanks for a great experience, after page 45 you entered my field (finance and management) and handled it more better than medical field. Egerly waiting for your next novel. and proud to have surname KHAMBETE. My initital intention was just to know more about author KHAMBETE (after Da.Pa.) but it was a thrilling experience, KUDOS.”

  2. Mimmy Jain


    A confused and scarred heroine and an enigmatic and large-hearted doctor – R.S. Khambete takes the two to create a page-turner romance. Seema is a normal young woman, working at a job she loves and affianced to a man she adores, when a sudden accident turns her life upside down. Suddenly, life becomes all about suspicions, looming bankruptcy and painful daily encounters with The Beast, her doctor. Seema, fortunately, has a mysterious benefactor, who is boosting her morale and encouraging her to take steps in directions she had never before envisaged as possible. Will it also take her towards a new love? I couldn’t put this book down, I had to know what was going to happen to Seema, who is sassy and full of life. And her hero is a sure-fire candidate for many young girls’ dreams!

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