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Pamela Q. Fernandes


Katia and Jihan aren’t exactly the perfect match, and someone is out to prove it…

Book Blurb

She’s a down-on-her-luck foreigner struggling to fit into a close-knit society, and he’s the heir to one of Seoul’s largest business empires. The marriage of Anglo-Indian Katia Rosario to Jihan Kwan, Seoul’s most eligible bachelor, sounds like a fairytale romance.

Except that its not.

At its heart, Katia and Jihan’s romance is a marriage of convenience, a contract designed to fulfill their ulterior motives. Their union, rather than being celebrated, is scorned by those closest to them, by jilted lovers and estranged family members.

And to top it all, a shadowy nemesis is making its presence felt, endangering both their lives in its quest for revenge.

Amidst this turmoil, a fragile bond blossoms between Katia and Jihan. Will their fledgling love be enough to overcome their obstacles?

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Pamela Q. Fernandes

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  1. pratikshya.mishra72


    I liked the novellas, it was an easy read, light and engaging. I liked the way south Korean culture is portrayed- not the general sugar-coated things I watch in Korean series, but rather the true facts. I knew but didn’t ever realise that life of an outsider in South Korea would be so hard; the present craze of watching korean series makes us dream of that perfect fairytale life there, but reality is otherwise. I liked the use of Korean words here and there, the culinary terms and Korean recipes. I do have a soft corner for all those. The story was quite engrossing too, a perfect storyline.

  2. Arti


    A very nice story with well developed characters. It took me a little while to get used to the names Jihan and Junki. The language used is simple and the flow is very good. The author has a done on a lot research on Korea and well as the customs there.

  3. Pamela


    Thanks Faiqa and Hyeung, I’m glad you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing this. Yes Jihan was really created to be yummy and I guess the melodrama resonates with our own realities of life. Cheers to you both……

  4. faiqa mansab


    Seoul-Mates is clever and hip like its name. Jihan is absolutely yummy (like whoa!) and Katia, with her wit and her loyal spirit are wonderful protagonists. Add to all that is murder, mystery, and scheming relatives.
    Among the many things that Pamela pulls off with flair, is the one thing most writers find difficult to write, without being cheesy, or plain horrific–sex. She writes it like sex should be…and let’s leave it at that.

  5. M Hyeung K Nam


    So much drama, so much angst, so much hand-wringing, but so little romance and even less respite from the constant melodrama. A good read on how we make choices in life, how they can be for the wrong reasons & how LOVE complicates things. Katia makes a good protagonist & is enticing. Full of inventive exuberance. Must Read!

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