The Accidental Fiancée

Zeenat Mahal


Two bitter rivals are thrown together in a temporary engagement. Get this free short story from Zeenat Mahal now!

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“…Tell me why exactly you want that ring on your finger so badly that you’ll even succumb, pitifully I may add, to your arch enemy?”

‘Bad boy’ Akbar and ‘firebrand’ Khayyam were rivals and enemies back in college, while studying architecture. While he laughed at her feminist sentiments and views on preservation, she denounced him as a commercial sellout with no originality or talent. Humiliated in front of his admiring hangers-on, Akbar will not pass up the chance to get his revenge when fate presents Khayyam as his unlikely fiancée.

Read this delightful story to discover what happens to these wildly different personalities when they reluctantly exchange rings.

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Indireads Author

Zeenat Mahal


  1. Vandana


    Beautiful, crisp, simple but short. the book left me hankering to know more about the characters, especially the fiery Khayyam. Perhaps the author could write an accompanying piece to show the change and growth of Khayyam. If she does, I would definitely be buying. As of now, I am eagerly looking forward to read Haveli adn The contract!

  2. inderpreet.kaur.uppal

    (verified owner):

    I have read it and enjoyed the crisp language, the fire and the dialogue that made it a delight to read. High praise by many authors for Zeenat’s writing and her hallmark of quick retorts and confident, beautiful Khayyam going head to head with the suave, handsome and effortless Akbar make it a must read.
    The premise of the story and the circumstances that lead to the meeting of these two is so perfect for a movie and I loved the descriptions of the emotions expressed.

  3. Pratikshya


    I loved this. Simply loved it. It reminded me of the Pakistani serial Zindegi Gulzar Hai. Akbar Rasul- the rich, arrogant and spoiled teenager who had become a changed man, one who realized and apologized for his mistakes, and fell for his once arch-enemy, reminded me of Zaroon Zunaid. Khayyam Zafar whose sharp and vicious tongue once talked of feminism, saving the world, and working for all right causes, that was now silent for a serious reason, reminded me of Kasaf Murtaza. Zeenat Mahal narration is so fresh, engaging, and humorous. Love her voice.

  4. Kritika


    I stumbled upon this book at the Indireads website by pure accident. I have read and enjoyed previous works of Ms Mahal a lot. So when I saw this book was for free, I decided to go ahead and buy it. It turned out to be a wise decision. I enjoyed it a lot. When reading, the story never seemed as short as it was in reality. Zeenat Mahal writes in such a way that captivates the readers completely. Even for a story as short as The Accidental Fiancee, the readers are thoroughly ensnared. An endearing story of two arch enemies getting accidentally engaged together and then falling for each other and remaining engaged for real. The MCs were appealing and adorable, although I would have liked to know the heroine’s POV a little more. That is my only complaint that the heroine’s POV was not given as much space as the hero’s POV. I will not be writing any more as that will give away the story. This book will hardly take more than a few minutes of you time. So I recommend everyone to take 10-15 minutes out of their time and read it and enjoy your day.

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