Trapped in a hundred-room house, haunted by a vengeful Yakshi, Divya and Raghav’s marriage woes seem to be the least of their problems…

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The hundred-room house is a rich tapestry of memories and hidden secrets, a dark, forbidding place, rumoured to be haunted by a vengeful Yakshi. Propelled by a desire to save their marriage, Divya and Raghav journey to the haunted mansion in search of the mythical Scrolls of Love.

Written five hundred years ago by the banished court poet Shankara, they are fabled to have the power to heal and reignite lost love. Is this just a legend, or are the couple heading towards a chilling destiny?

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  5. Sahana


    Lyrical, simmering. Written with care. Congratulations to the author.

  6. Manogna


    The novella unfolds with Divya ,the Keralite married to Maharastrian Raghav, whom she suspects is cheating on her, with his childhood friend Anu. Trying to save her marriage, Divya meets Dr.Ray, the marriage counselor.

    After the second session with Divya and a sceptic Raghav ends, Dr.Ray suggests they should take a break, where else but Cherakad, the place haunting Divya and her dreams.

    Divya and Raghav should now retrieve the Scrolls of Love from the haunted 100-roomed Big House, to save their marriage. How will that save their marriage, we wonder!

    The only thing that could foil their plans is a Yakshi called Thatri who haunts the Big House protecting the Scrolls of Love.

    Will Divya and Raghav succeed in bringing the scrolls? Will they save their marriage? What is the story behind Thatri? Is it all folklore or is it true?

    Answers to the above questions are revealed as we read the novella.

    An engaging read , it is one such stories which can’t be forgotten even in a hurry!

    Read more here..

  7. Dola

    (verified owner):

    Unsettled is a tale of love. True love that makes people face the impossible as well as the dark unrequited love that makes them haunt a place forever.

    Divya suspects her husband Raghav of cheating on her with his childhood friend. Plagued by vivid dreams and determined to save her marriage, she consults Dr. Ray, a notable therapist suggested by her friend Emily. When he suggests that they visit her village Cherakad in search of the Scrolls of Love which will help bring love back into their marriage, Raghav, though reluctant, agrees. But not all is as easy as it seems. The Scrolls of Love is hidden somewhere in the hundred-roomed Big House and is fiercely guarded by a Yakshi, Thathri. Will they be able to get it or will they fall prey to the Yakshi? Will they be successful in salvaging their marriage? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

    What captured my interest from the very beginning is the absolutely beautiful lyrical quality of the prose. Each page is a play on emotions, especially the scenes of Thathri and the poet Shankara. The plot is engaging with two threads running simultaneously, the marriage problems of our contemporary couple and the unrequited love of Thathri. It’s surely a page turner with beautiful verses strewn in between and cliffhanger moments. Both the female characters have been sketched vividly by the author but IMO the male characters would’ve benefited with a li’l more attention.

    Overall, It’s a short and sweet read, and recommended for anyone who loves beautiful prose. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Neelima Vinod is surely an author to watch out for!

  8. arti


    The book is beautifully written, with both poetry and prose complementing each other. The characters are life-like and Divya is a normal human being with reasonable emotions.

    The story is mostly about Shankara Shastry and the Yaksh and Divya and Raghav are characters put in to bring the main story out.

    Overall, a nice, eerie read.

  9. James Joyce

    (verified owner):

    The ‘yakshi’ theme and stories about ‘yakshis’ are a commonplace, almost a cliche in Kerala folklore – the rough equivalent of ‘chudails’ in northern India. The particular charm of this story/novella lies in the imaginative weaving of the ‘yakshi’ motif into a very contemporary urban situation, the marriage of a young couple teetering on the brink of disaster, and the attempts to salvage it. If the usual urban tropes are there – the ‘other’ woman, the marriage counsellor – the creative departure lies in the counsellor’s suggested remedy, unusual, unorthodox and untried. That it succeeds may seem simplistic, but when you’ve examined the whole fabric of the book you realise the plausibility of the premise. Much of the credit for this must lie with Neelima Vinod’s narrative style, which is persuasive: she varies its tenor effortlessly between the contemporary (here and now) and the subtly archaic (where needed, especially the poetic passages).

    There is too an overpowering erotic charge throughout the book, wonderfully understated, and thereby rendering it that much more urgent in its desire to be fulfilled. The power of suggestion, of gesture, of image is overwhelming in impact. Most so-called erotic literature unfortunately falls short; it is amazing that Neelima has invested her tale with all the desirable ingredients of this genre while steering it clear of the label of erotica. A finely entertaining read overall.

  10. beinggaya3

    (verified owner):

    Unsettled, the story of a couple and their visit to a haunted house in hopes of saving their marriage is an excellent read. Just few pages into it and am convinced I have a good read at hand and with every page I feel that it is surpassing my expectations. As the story progresses, am just traveling with it, eager to find what the story is all about. Both the story of the couple and that of the yakshi are convincingly narrated. Considering that it is a novella, the Author gets across the characters emotions crisply.
    She wanted to trust, to forgive his transgressions, not because she was a doormat but because their love compensated for all foibles
    She was like the words he(a poet) chased elusive yet necessary
    The author’s brilliance is reflected in her narration. Few samples that I really enjoyed,
    Their love was sweet and young and cut unripened
    Death had only magnified his presence as though he were broken shards of glass everywhere
    …Quicksand is not good bedding
    Libraries as large as the folds of our brain
    Overall, its a very satiating read.Just one trivial point, I would have preferred a better title!
    More @ http://beinggaya3.blogspot.com/2014/01/review-unsettled.html

  11. Mimmy Jain

    (verified owner):

    In one word, unputdownable. I was unable to stop reading once I had started Unsettled, and even found myself speed-reading in places to find out what would happen next. And then I wept a little weep for the doomed Thathri, who would never know love. One complaint I do have: I wish Neelima Vinod had not confined her story to a novella, but had written a full-fledged book. The story – and Neelima’s story-telling – deserve it.

  12. Sunila

    (verified owner):

    From earthly doubts and yearnings to yearnings of souls spanning centuries the magical tale is beautifully told by a poet-writer…Neelima…this will stay with me for a long time…the revelation at the end is masterful…

  13. Ananya Dhawan (Feature Editor, eFiction India)


    An unparalleled and a one of its kind novella, ‘Unsettled’ is an enchanting and a gripping read. It ‘ll captivate you, charm you , enthrall you and make you yearn for more. The story is carved beautifully and the magic adds that extra tinge of spice to it. While love being the focal point, it is not one of those cliched love stories you would be tired of reading, it is something magical, something ‘out of the box’. I applaud Neelima’s ability to make the supernatural so believable and for so smoothly hooking the readers’ interest till the end.

  14. bhavanamurali

    (verified owner):

    I will not be surprised if this goes onto become a bestseller and a reader’s favourite. Neelima tells a gripping tale while delivering on all fronts of the writing craft. The prose is gorgeous and the story mesmerises one and in my case transported me to my beloved homeland. Top marks! Sign me up in your fan club.

  15. ShwetaGK

    (verified owner):

    Bone-chilling and eerily beautiful Neelima’s Unsettled is poetry in verse. A beautifully written novella on the gradual crumbling of a marriage and the deepest darkest motivations of men and women, the book will stay with you for a long time to come. With lyrical descriptions and sentences that slither seamlessly across the pages, Neelima proves her prowess as a writer whose name should be bookmarked for the future.
    A book not only for those who are interested in the supernatural genre but also those who love to read beautiful prose.
    A note however on the book cover. Beautifully done as it is, it does not reflect the rural, mystical Kerala or the architecture where the book is set.

  16. saimini

    (verified owner):

    Finished the story at night, and had an eerie feeling after it, as if a pair of eyes were watching me! The Unsettled is a fantastic paranormal romance, set in Kerala. The romance between Thathri and Shankara was scintillating and Divya’s explorations thrilling. I am bowled over completely by the literary genius Neelima has shown. Her words are so lyrical and the poetry strewn across the story simply beautiful. A must read for anyone who is intrigued by the supernatural and loves literary fiction.

  17. Sumeetha

    (verified owner):

    A royal court, a beautiful courtesan and a poet! The story begins with Divya and Raghavan, a warring couple on the brink of a divorce. Their marriage counsellor Dr Ray want them to search for the scrolls of love, the beautiful poem written by Shankara, the banished poet. But the scrolls are guarded by thathri, a Yakshini of immense power.

    I loved the lyrical quality of Neelima’s writing. Perfectly structured, each word seems to be at its right place. The supernatural aspect of the Yakshini’s love has been brought very well. Well researched and beautifully written novella.



    loved the skillful handling of the different time periods and the all consuming note of passion and longing that runs through it. imaginative and engrossing. Keep it up Neelima

  19. Sundari Venkatraman


    I just loved reading UNSETTLED by Neelima Vinod. The book was totally fascinating and well researched. An unusual book well put together. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling into this supernatural world. Keep up the good work, Neelima Vinod.

  20. sandy_chandra

    (verified owner):

    A lyrical novella about a woman’s desperate need for passionate love. Neelima Vinod’s writing transported me into a magical world
    (I want to go to Cherakad now!); highly recommended.

  21. roopa80

    (verified owner):

    In Unsettled, Neelima Vinod takes the reader down the labyrinthine lanes of the supernatural, myths and love in a writing style that stirs you to the core. Elegant lyrical prose, an engaging plotline, soulful characters and an understated sexiness swirls around this book. This is an absolutely memorable read!

  22. Faiqa Mansab


    Magical Realism and the post-colonial literary tradition seem to be inextricably inter-twined; and hurray for that! Unsettled is a fascinating read that inscribes a world full of magic, magical creatures and of course the most magical of all things: love.

    The plot seems to be simple enough and then Neelima Vinod, the writer of Unsettled, skillfully reveals a story spanning centuries, a long forgotten Royal Court and a contemporary couple seeking marriage counseling. Their journey is complex and wrought with fear and doubt, but then which journey of the heart isn’t? The pursuit of love is a dangerous gamble; Neelima with the flourish of a seasoned story teller, shows the reader, you aint seen nothin’ yet.

    From the supernatural, to the contemporary Indian ethnic prejudices, to true love; it is a journey that has the reader entranced till the very last page. Wonderful lyrical prose, characters that leave an imprint on your heart and mind and the weaving of an extraordinary tale are the hallmarks of Neelima’s work. The novella takes the reader on a trip to the mysterious and ancient heart of India that has fascinated the world from time immemorial. One can almost feel the presence of the Kamasutra in the erotically charged poetic rendition of this dark and passionate romance.

    Neelima Vinod is definitely a name to watch.

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