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The Launch & The Reviews

The big news this week has been the launch of our romantic comedy, Done With Men. The book has received rave reviews and celebrity endorsements. Faraaz Kazi, the best-selling author of Truly, Madly, Deeply had this to say about the book. “Perfectly summarises the life of a modern day working woman with an easy-going style […]


Indireads in Salaam Bahrain

Indireads was recently featured in the August issue of Salaam Bahrain. From the article: “The thirty books that have been launched to date have been penned by 25 different authors, and interestingly, nearly 30% of them have lived in the Gulf at some stage of their life.” “As a South Asian, I have always craved to read stories closer to home […]


A Series of Firsts

‘One Stupid Comment’ was a series of firsts for me. My first published work of fiction. My first attempt at dystopian romance. My first collaborative project. My first collaborative project with a Pakistani author. Any guesses why this story is so close to my heart? When Saba suggested that we do a post-apocalyptic story, I […]


Let’s Be Friends…Again!

Pakistan! One word capable of invoking so much inside me and my compatriots.  Every time a soldier on the LoC dies—we hate Pakistan. Every time they ban our film—we pity Pakistan. Every time one of their artistes moves us with his/her creativity—we wish he had chosen India to live in. Every time their politician says […]


All About US

My maternal grandmother’s family used to live in Lahore but she never really talked about her life there; so growing up, my idea of Pakistan was what I read in the newspapers or saw on TV. Then I went to live abroad and for the first time met Pakistani families. Surprise! Surprise! They were just […]


Ansari Uncle, Shahana Aunty and Zehra lived in the same apartment building as ours. Downstairs, facing the open parking lot. Our apartment faced the vacant lot behind. We were from Kerala, a coastal state on the southernmost tip of India and they were from Karachi, Pakistan. We were foreigners together in Muscat in the Sultanate of […]