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mamunAn intrepid traveller, Mamun M. Adil (@mamunadil) was born in Egypt and has lived in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Oman, the UAE and the US. With a Bachelor’s degree in media studies and journalism from Queens College, City University of New York, Mamun has been working for the Business Development and Research Department of The Dawn Media Group, in Karachi, since 2004.

A prolific writer, he continues to contribute to DAWN newspaper and several magazines in Pakistan including Aurora, Pakistan’s leading advertising, marketing and media magazine. He has also been working on Cloud89, a weekly radio show on CityFM89 for the last six years, and has helped with the production of several books including those detailing Karachi’s history for the Jewel in the Crown: Karachi under the Raj (1843-1947) Exhibition at the Mohatta Palace Museum. Mamun’s current interests include colonial architecture, pre-Partition history and pop culture (in the form of American TV shows and movies, Hindi films and Pakistani dramas). His abiding passion, however, remains food; its preparation, presentation and consumption. Contact Mamun at, or visit his blog at:

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