About Indireads Inc.

The Company

Indireads Incorporated is a global publishing firm registered in Canada with offices in Toronto, Ontario. The company is privately held.

The Indireads Mission

At Indireads, we are committed to revolutionizing both the popular fiction genre in South Asia, and the way it is curated and presented. We are interested in showcasing captivating stories from around South Asia, written by South Asians for a target audience comprising of South Asian readers at home and abroad as well as a global audience. We believe in the potential for technology and the use of digital platforms to transcend boundaries to exponentially impact access and expand readership and outreach.

The Offering

The Indireads offerings are our e-books, written and customized for delivery in electronic format, and are only published online. Indireads e-books can be downloaded and read on any type of device from computers and tablets to e-readers and mobile phones. The books are formatted for delivery and reading across the industry’s widely-used formats.

The Indireads Team

Passionate about books, with deep roots in South Asian traditional and popular culture, we are a group of global citizens committed to excellence and quality in the written world.

We all love to read, some of us are die-hard romance fans, some into murder mysteries and others are science fiction buffs, but what we share is the vision to craft, curate and present the ethos of South Asia, captured in our stories to the world.

The Editorial Team

Indireads has brought together a group of highly experienced and qualified editors who are committed to nurturing and supporting fresh new voices from across South Asia. Our editors have worked for Harper Collins, Penguin, Society and other leading publishing houses and publications. From storyline to final edit, the editorial team of Indireads offers critical perspective as well as inspiration and encouragement.

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