The Indireads Genres

We want to take a moment and help our readers to understand how the Indireads genres are broken down. Since our genres are designed for our readers and their interests, it is possible that some may be confusing so we wanted to clarify.

Our flagship genre, Indirom by Indireads, is a romance genre. All novels listed here are, in some form or the other, romantic stories. These novellas are divided, for your convenience, into three categories: Green Lime, Golden Saffron and Black Clove.

greenlimeGreen Lime – Fresh, fun and happening romance

Stories about young men and women experiencing love for the first time, in colleges or the workplace, with its attendant thrills, highs and heartbreaks. Green Lime novellas are for our younger audiences.

goldensaffronGolden Saffron – Real romance, real people

Romance for the woman of today – living life to the fullest, discovering herself and experiencing all aspects of love and sensuality, all on her own terms. Golden Saffron stories are stories of deeper, lasting relationships.

blackcloveBlack Clove – Mystery, suspense and paranormal romance

Journeys into the surreal, romance under mysterious circumstances, and encounters with beings not quite of this world, Black Clove novellas encompass a wide range of mysteries and thrills that form a background to a lasting love story.

Upcoming Genres

We will be adding new genres to our roster, including drama, crime and fantasy.

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