Goodreads and the social experience of reading – Naheed Hassan

Some times Goodreads feels, to me at least, like the modern day equivalent of the neighborhood aunty collective. In the old days, every aunty in the neighborhood knew exactly what each household was having for dinner that night—and probably contributed a recipe or an ingredient or two. Goodreads does connects readers the way the over-the-wall aunty network did many years back.


While at school and college part of the joy of reading was to discuss the book—its merits and demerits and how it made you feel—with a group of like-minded friends all generally reading the same category and level of books. As one embarks on the journey of career, partner and home-building, less time is available to discuss books, and the finer things in life. Who has time the to discuss books when a deadline looms, a child cries or the perfect dinner party has to be planned.


That’s where Goodreads steps in. If you don’t have the time or inclination to join a physical book discussion, it allows you to interact, review, react and engage with other readers, but in your own space and time. And that’s what I find magical about Goodreads—it allows me to indulge my passion of sharing my views on books that I love or hate, and connect with others who feel the same way; a truly social experience. Oh, and by the way…we’re having pasta for dinner tonight.

Naheed Hassan

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