Do you spend hours browsing in bookstores trying to find the right book? Do you wish that the staff actually read books so that they could recommend interesting reading material for you? We feel your pain and understand the limitations of the traditional bookstores, which is why we have IndiClub!

IndiClub is not like your traditional book club membership. We don’t have a single selected book that everyone reads and gets together to discuss, nor do we overwhelm you with useless promotions to get you to come to our store. IndiClub is a tailor made program for the dedicated reader in you!

With IndiClub, we give you access to up to 2 free books every month, along with a list of books that we recommend across genres so no matter what your taste, you will find the best book for you. Our editors spend weeks reading the books in our catalogs to find the best books in each genre every month and provide them to you to choose which you would like as your free books.

The benefits don’t end with free books! As an IndiClub member, you will also get access to exclusive author podcasts where your favorite authors will share the motivation behind their books, characters and stories, as well as answer your questions. As an added bonus, we will also provide pre-release access to books before the rest of the Indireads readers get access. That’s right, you will be able to buy a copy of the newest books before anyone else gets it in their hands.

Of course, you will also get subscribed to IndiWords, the weekly newsletter that will share regular content, short stories and announcements.

So we invite you to join the IndiClub and take advantage of these fantastic benefits design with you and your reading habits in mind. We want you to be part of the most exclusive group of Indireads readers today!