Jazz Singh’s Against All Odds

On a wet rainy night, Sanjana slips, and is almost run over by Abhimanyu. Arrogant and unforgiving, he assumes the worst of her. Headstrong and independent, she refuses his help, and hopes never to set eyes on him ever again.

However, fate has other plans for the two of them and they meet again, and yet again. The rich successful businessman and small-town girl struggling to make it, strike up an unlikely friendship, which slowly turns into love. However, the fairytale is short-lived. They come from different worlds and Abhimanyu’s mother makes it Swarovski crystal clear that Sanjana has no place in her son’s life. The two break apart until their worlds collide yet again; in another accident, at another time and place.

Will they come together this time…against all odds?

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