Statements of Support

Love Across Borders is an anthology of short stories about human relationships across the border, conceived and published by Indireads as a literary and civic initiative. The anthology is distributed free by Indireads, and can be downloaded from here.

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Statements of Support


“A wonderful set of perceptions, ideas, feelings, showing the truth behind the headlines in South Asia.  These stories describe, above all, the power of love, of wonder, informed by the past, but reaching for the future.  Indeed, Love Across Borders provides us a vision of that future, and it’s a future governed by the heart.”

Ambassador Cameron Munter
Professor, International Relations, Pomona College
Former US Ambassador to Pakistan


“Today more than ever before, it is critical that our two nations understand, listen, empathize and connect with ‘the other’. We know that across the globe, young people are at the forefront of driving real change; the appeal of initiatives like Love Across Borders is that it draws in, and engages, young people across the borders. I am confident that the project will play at least a small role in helping us move towards our common objective of a better tomorrow. “

Shabana Azmi
Actress and social activist

“It is wonderful to see an effort that harnesses the power of words, stories and contemporary writings to create positive change in society across two countries. Efforts like these help us all create a better future, in which we learn to respect, understand and empathize with each other. I wish the team well, and I hope it succeeds in its mission. “

Javed Akhtar
Poet and scriptwriter


“This is a heart-warming initiative that resonates with the poignancy of cross-border relations. At the human level, “Love Across Borders” distills the essence of the emotionally charged India-Pakistan relationship; it also delegitimatizes the otherization narrative so often manufactured by the votaries of hate.”

Sherry Rehman
President and Chair, Jinnah Institute


“The common experience of life across a partitioned South Asia lies scattered throughout its literature. We do not have enough platforms to present and celebrate these writings, and Love Across Borders is a commendable effort to bring the contemporary writings from the region together, and renew the memories of a shared life and worldview.”

Musharraf Ali Farooqi
Author – “Between Clay and Dust”


“Indians and Pakistanis don’t always need to agree with each other. But they need to learn to see each other as fully fleshed out human beings, not as cardboard cutouts. Love Across Borders by Indireads is an important step toward that goal.”

Sadanand Dhume
American Enterprise Institute
Author of “My Friend the Fanatic: Travels with a Radical Islamist”


“There’s far too much suspicion and rhetoric between Indians and Pakistanis – and too few efforts to bridge the divide. Smart, modern projects like Love Across Borders by Indireads can have a real impact and start meaningful conversations.”

Sree Sreenivasan,
Co-founder, SAJA (South Asian Journalists Association)

“The border between India and Pakistan is sealed tight against people. I grew up half an hour’s drive away, and I’ve crossed it on days when I’ve only seen four or five other people at immigration. But stories can travel more easily. They are reminders that it isn’t the width of an ocean between us, or some interstellar void, but rather a line so narrow that if it were water, it would be less than a stream.”

Mohsin Hamid
Author of ‘Moth Smoke’ and ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’


“Naysayers have long proclaimed that Pakistanis and Indians have nothing in common but hostility towards each other. They may wish this was so but it is not fact. Despite wars and borders and a line of control, we still share expressions of hope and fear, love and sorrow, music and poetry, melodrama and cricket, and much more. Even die-hards will struggle to deny the enduring commonality of our peoples after reading the stories in this anthology.”

Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy
Professor, nuclear physicist, essayist and defense analyst


“Romance is the beggar that appears at reality’s door at unexpected hours. We must give it the gift of our attention. For that reason, I welcome the publication of Love Across Borders. The reality at the moment, as far as India and Pakistan are concerned, is of intransigent borders and mutual accusations of killings. In the stories in these pages, those shouts are replaced by whispers. This, too, is welcome. Other stories, other lives. The grave complications of living and loving. We will all be happier if the borders are breached by trembling souls.”

Amitava Kumar
Author of ‘Husband of a Fanatic’


“Our greatest prospect for peace, for universal love, is to see every man as man, every woman as woman, every child as child, only.  In this way we recognise our common humanity, our oneness.  Any initiative that seeks to encourage this oneness has my support and I believe Love Across Borders will go a long way to helping us see each other as brothers and sisters, and reach out across borders, in love and in unity.  I wish you great success, for our human future depends on initiatives such as this.”

AE Ballakisten

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