Mamun Adil’s Seasons of Silence

Nadeem is trapped in Karachi, in self-destruct mode. His heart is in New York, the city of his dreams, where he left behind the innocence of his youth and the woman he loved more than life. Love, respect and trust have long since disappeared from his marriage. He hates his job, his wife and most of all, himself.

In a lyrical narrative that shuttles between New York and Karachi and between time and time zones, ‘Seasons of Silence’ maps the reflexive disintegration of a marriage through the prism of the past.

As Nadeem and Mehreen struggle with questions of identity, expectations from relationships and notions of what fulfillment means—and meant—the book presents an excoriating portrayal of the vicious politics within relationships, rather than a rose-tinted depiction of pain and sentimentality.

Can Nadeem break the silence and redeem himself, or is it already too late?

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