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Our Picks for the Summer of Love

So, phew! Thirty books to choose from, and the field is wide open. Where to start?

Well, let us give you a helping hand. Featuring a selection of books from across our three genres, we’ve got our recommendations. Once you’ve read them, come back and tell us what you would recommend.

From the Green Lime genre—fresh, fun and young love stories—we have Haveli and Against All Odds.

Haveli is a fiery romance set in the 1970’s in what was once a princely state, but which became part of Pakistan. A young girl chafes against the rules and regulations of her narrow world within her family’s old haveli and discovers love and a lot more than she bargained for.

Against All Odds introduces us to another feisty young lady—Sanjana is enormously talented and is making her mark in the world of interior designing. Her work puts her in the path of the rich and famous, in particular Abhimanyu, with whom she has had an unpleasant encounter. Caught between a world of privilege and practicality, the two will have to fight the odds to make their relationship work.

From the Golden Saffron genre—relationship based romance stories—we have The Journals of Geetanjali Rao, a poignant story about a thirty-something woman who has returned to India and unexpectedly finds love. Her experiences, narrated via the pages of her journal, chronicle a touching coming-of-age story.

And finally, from our Black Clove genre—romance combined with fantasy and mythology—we have picked The Gandharva. The story follows Dev, a fallen Gandharva warrior who cannot understand the intensity of his attraction to the human girl, Maya. Together, the two must battle a host of mythological enemies and unleash unknown powers, setting a chain of events in motion that cannot be turned back.

Enjoy our editor’s picks, follow the links to read the chapters provided for your reading pleasure and fall in love with the diversity and range of our new and exclusive Summer of Love reads.

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