R. S. Khambete’s Scars of Love

Seema had everything a girl could wish for; stunningly beautiful and financially secure, she has a great job and a handsome, successful, caring fiancé. But then she loses it all.

A freak accident leaves her horribly burnt and in terrible pain. Her hospital bills are mounting, her job is at stake and she will carry the scars to her grave. Worst of all, her fiancé seems to be losing interest in her.

Seema thinks she has nothing left to live for, but her doctor is determined to heal and get her back on her feet—whether she wants to or not.

With his faith as her bedrock, Seema learns to stand again and reclaim all that she had lost, including her true love.

One reply on “R. S. Khambete’s Scars of Love”

How terrible! Poor Seema. I really need to read this one to find out whether Seema recovers completely. Her fiance is obviously a bastard. Can’t wait to meet her true love.
All the best Khambete!

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