Refund Policy

Thank you for reading Indireads Refunds Policy. As the primary publisher of South Asian popular fiction online, Indireads Incorporated (Indireads) is committed to anticipating and meeting your needs, in all its interactions with you, our readers and users.

Please read the following guidelines in detail as these guidelines or any amendments made to these terms from time-to-time form a legal agreement between Indireads Incorporated (referred to as Indireads) and you (referred to as the “user(s)”) the user of the Indireads website (referred to as the “website”). 

Indireads publishes eBooks and may expand its offering to include other products or services in future.

  1. Indireads’ current product is eBooks and eBooks cannot be physically returned. Once an eBook is purchased, and payment made by the user, no refunds will be made for any reason. Customers will be able to have their purchase replaced in cases of corrupted downloads, unreadability of books (garbled text), or other specific reasons. You will be required to send the corrupted downloaded file to Indireads’ for review and determination of replacement. Indireads will only replace the book that has been purchased. It can not be exchanged, returned for refund or store credit at anytime after purchase has been completed and the book downloaded.
  2. Sometimes Indireads may run promotions, where the price of a book may be reduced temporarily.  Users who have bought the book at a time when no promotion was in place do not have a right to receive any refund from Indireads because of the lower promotion price.
  3. If users have signed up for one Indireads’ subscription plans, and if the user decides to cancel the subscription before the end of the minimum length of the subscription term, no refund will be made to the user on the unused period of the subscription.  Indireads will continue to provide users with the contracted number of books for the full subscription period.