Review for A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land

One of Shweta’s first customers left this review for her on the Indireads site:

I have always thrived on romantic novels transporting myself to far off realms on the wings of the imagination of writers mostly from the west. Being an Indian who has lived in the Middle East, Indireads, with its promise of romance closer to home was definitely much awaited.

The first book I ordered was Shweta Ganesh Kumar’s ‘A Newlyweds Adventures in Married Land’. Her author profile and chapter reading had caught my attention in a big way. I sat down and read the book in less than an hour. I must say that the book stands way higher than my expectation. I could relate with Mythili, and 17 years after my move to Muscat as a newly wed I understand my Siddarth (Ramesh) much better than I did in those days. Oh if only I had the male perspective then. The close-knit groups, the undercurrents and the betrayals portrayed in Shweta’s book is so, so real that I was not day-dreaming as I usually do when I read, I was living it.

I am sure the book will do really well. I am recommending it as a must read.


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