Sandhya Sayani’s The Journals of Geetanjali Rao

On the wings of a mid-life crisis, thirty-something Geetanjali Rao is back in her parent’s house in India. Armed with an astrologer’s prediction that ‘Jupiter is looking out for her’, she has to start a new life from scratch; new friends, new job, and a new love.

Throughout this journey, her journal faithfully captures the events that unfold and provides us with a ringside view of Geetanjali’s hopes, fears, discoveries and adventures that mirror so many of our own.

Heartwarmingly funny and occasionally sad, this is a poignant story of a woman who, despite the risk involved,  opens herself up to falling crazily in love.

2 replies on “Sandhya Sayani’s The Journals of Geetanjali Rao”

I read pages from preview, it’s very interesting. I will complete reading by this weekend. Best of Luck Sandhya.

I have a feeling this will be in first person. Can’t see a hero around. I wonder whether Geetanjali will find the love of her life?
Wish you luck Sandhya Sayani

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