Shweta Ganesh Kumar’s A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land


Mythili and Siddharth realize that being newlywed in a foreign country is very different from being passionately in love, long-distance.

She has just moved to the Philippines to be with the love of her life and new husband, Siddharth. After being a hard-as-nails reporter who covered crime stories of the goriest kind, Mythili is now just a ‘dependent’. On top of that, unemployment, encounters with expat-wives and culture shock leave her feeling like she has fallen down a rabbit hole. Will their love survive, or will she become just another unhappily married expatriate wife?

Will this real life Alice ever embrace her Wonderland?

3 replies on “Shweta Ganesh Kumar’s A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land

this was the first book that I read from indireads. Loved mythili’s character. I could emphathise with her predicament. Shweta has a wonderful style of writing. Very lucid. Wish there was a sequel to this 🙂

I just love the title to begin with! Mythili seems to be facing the kind of life a lot of young women face today – a tug-of-war between marriage and career. Wonder what happens in this one.
All the best Shweta!

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