Sometimes in life you meet people who start living in your heart, but give you no place in theirs. And though you tell yourself that time will heal and seal all damage, this is simply a far cry from reality. You wake up every day and remember a sunlit carefree smile, a happy moment or a sad one, and those memories make them cling to you a little more.

Sometimes some people walk into your life as friends. They seem to understand you even before you’ve spoken, they seem to share your likes and dislikes, and often know you inside out even better than you do. And at the moment you believe that you’ve found true love, they look surprised, and tell you that they don’t love you, not really.

Sometimes you end up marrying the wrong person. The one who seemed perfect at first turns out to be a monster, showing a side you never knew existed. They lie, ignore you, cheat and play the kind of games you thought only happened on TV. And you have to live with that hate, fear and insecurity for the rest of your life, for the strangest of reasons.

But then sometimes, the person who remained in your heart gives you space in his. Or, that special one who said that he didn’t really care tells you that he couldn’t live without you. Or, the wrong kind of guy becomes an angel again. Sometimes, you find perfect love in the most imperfect of places.

Canvas of Dreams is such a story, inspired by the Ryan(s), Siddarth(s) and Rehaan(s) of real life. It speaks not only of how tough life can get, but of how one toughens up to take on life. It talks of love lost, found and rediscovered. And of how people love you back only when you begin to love yourself first.

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