Sreejan Guha Niyogi’s A Love to Die For

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Benjamin Franklin.

The entire class is shocked when beautiful and popular Nili falls for Anand, the college geek. He doesn’t hang out with friends, doesn’t party and doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting a girlfriend. But as fate would have it, they meet and with a little bit of help from his best friend Asha, become a couple.

But then a series of strange and threatening incidents begin to occur. Asha is pushed in front of a speeding metro train, Nili has a car accident and all three begin to receive death threats. It is up to Anand to discover the truth behind it all.

Against a backdrop of violence stirred up by state elections in Kolkata, Anand must fight to save the one he loves and the one who loves him. But as he battles for his love, he discovers a dark truth that shakes the very foundation of that love. Not all love stories have a happy ending—will this love story have one?

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