2nd Short Story Competition

Thank you for all your stories, but submissions are now closed.

Watch this space for details of the shortlisted entries.


Indireads is proud to present its 2nd Short Story Competition. We are looking for the best twenty (20) stories of 2014 to be included in a new anthology that we hope to publish in the winter of 2014. What can you write about? Anything you want, but it must be a short story, not a novel excerpt and not a poem. The genres you can write in are crime & mystery, drama, romance and paranormal.

Submission Deadline: May 25, 2014

Submission Deadline: June 10, 2014


The winners in each genre will be offered contracts to write full-length novels for publishing by Indireads.

We do have some rules for you though:

  1. The short stories must not exceed 1,800 words. That’s 1,800 words, if it’s longer, we will not consider it.
  2. It must be an original work that has not been published anywhere else.
  3. You must do the first round editing n the story, which means that you will make sure that there are no spelling or grammar errors BEFORE submitting your work to us.
  4. Each short story must have a cover page with your contact information (name, address, website/blog URL, Facebook page, twitter handle, email address and phone number) and the genre for which your work should be considered.
  5. Each person is allowed two (2) entries so consider very carefully before you submit your work. We will not allow replacements or substitutions after submission.
  6. Once you submit the work to Indireads, the work becomes the property of Indireads and cannot be published elsewhere. You MAY NOT publish the submitted work to your website, blog, Facebook page or anywhere else. If you do, we will remove it from consideration. We can use the work however we choose including, but not limited to, publishing on our website, newsletter or in a compilation volume.
  7. Your submission file must be saved in the following format: genre-authorname-storytitle. If it is not in this format, we will not consider it.
  8. Indireads will edit the work after submission to further bring it within our guidelines. These edits will not be discussed with the authors.
  9. All submissions must be made on the Indireads website via the short story submission page. We will not entertain any entries that are emailed to us directly.
  10. All submissions will be closed on the 10th of June 2014. No submission will be considered after that date.


11 replies on “2nd Short Story Competition”

Thank you so much for your reply! Already following on Facebook keenly awaiting the results. Thank you!

Shrruti and Anurag,

We will start announcing the short-listed entries around the middle of July. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we will make a schedule available on both those platforms.

Hi..During their submission of my story I had not shared my Facebook page.it is – https:// m.facebook/anurag.shourie.3
Anurag Shourie

Dear Team
By when are the results expected to be declared for the Short story contest? The wait is excruciatingly painful……

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