Sumeetha Manikandan’s The Perfect Groom

Young, handsome Ashok is a software engineer working in the US—the ‘perfect groom’. Coerced into an arranged marriage with Ashok, Nithya discovers a long-held secret that turns her marriage into a farce.

When Nithya comes face to face with Vasu, her childhood friend, and old suitor before he ran away, she is forced to re-evaluate her life, and consider the reasons she has remained married to Ashok. And, as love blossoms between them, Vasu learns the secret that she has been hiding.

Standing on a crossroads, Nithya has to make a choice about her life. Will she stand guard over the lie of her perfect marriage, or will she have the courage to find her own truth?

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Finally got around to finishing this lovely little novella by Sumeetha Manikandan and I must admit I quite enjoyed this unconventional love story. Although I was able to see the ‘turning point’ of the story well before the big reveal, the fact remained that the narrative was so good that it didn’t take anything away from the fun of it all. What also worked beautifully well for me was the fact that the entire Tamil Brahmin milieu in which the story was set was something that I could completely relate to.

Detailed review of book will be published on my blog sometime soon.

It’s obvious that Ashok is not the perfect groom for Nithya. Wonder whether Vasu is the guy!
All the best Sumeetha 🙂

That’s right Sundari 🙂 but the book is all about why he is not the ‘perfect groom’. Do post your review 🙂

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