Where do you get your ideas from?

doodlesI know this question is often met with derision from literary panels, but I think it is a relevant question to ask a writer. Writers get ideas from the world around them, but so does everyone else.

Perhaps the question should be—what makes this process unique for writers?

People who like to express their ideas through the written word come equipped with a specialist device manufactured from books and the worldview of their creators. When a ‘writer’ meets an idea and says hello, it triggers a series of unstoppable reactions which transforms the ‘germ of the idea’ into a narrative. The disparate units, the random details that float around in the information sphere, a faded memory, a suppressed cry, now becomes a song with meaning and purpose and structure. It is now preserved in a perfectly constructed capsule, equipped to protect and transport ideas to future generations.

Articles, poems, short stories, novellas, novels…they are snapshots of the past. They are letters from times gone by. We get ideas from the past so that we may speak to the future.

Here’s a litmus test for you to decide if you are cut out for telling stories with words. Write me a flash fiction tale in five sentences in the comments area inspired by a significant event in your college/university life.

And I will provide you feedback 🙂




Many people fall in love slowly, often beginning with friendship and respect and then developing stronger feelings. A romance based on such love is both gentle and sweet. But for me, love must have a spark and that spark comes from passion. Passion is the emotion that fully engages one’s heart, mind and soul. It is all-consuming and with its power, can move mountains or melt stony hearts. A passionate couple truly engages—in anger, love and of course in bed. That’s what I look for in a relationship—that spark—the magic of passion. Without it, both life and fiction seem tame.

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Welcome to Indireads

The Indireads website will go live on May 20th 2013. We will be launching 30 romance novellas and 25 new voices under our flagship brand, Indirom.

This is the end of one journey and the start of another for everyone associated with Indireads; authors, editors, artists, fans and supporters. This has been a true journey of the heart, bringing together people who have been passionate about telling their stories and transcending borders to seek a global audience enabled by a digital platform.

There have been setbacks along the way, but despite it all, we have come back stronger, maintaining our core offering while expanding the vision to appeal to a larger pool of authors and readers by developing other genres within popular fiction. We would like to congratulate all the first-time authors for their persistence and determination, the editors for their hard work and all the supporters of Indirom and Indireads who loved the idea and wanted to be a part of it. We look forward to a long association—publishing quality books and new voices—for your reading pleasure and enjoyment.