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Indireads in Salaam Bahrain

Indireads was recently featured in the August issue of Salaam Bahrain. From the article:

“The thirty books that have been launched to date have been penned by 25 different authors, and interestingly, nearly 30% of them have lived in the Gulf at some stage of their life.”

“As a South Asian, I have always craved to read stories closer to home and dealt with experiences I could relate to. And my book is a fun, frisky read (it is a college romance) which I have tried to keep current by using phrases which are commonly used in college.”

“Even though the rest of the world categorizes us as South Asian, we know that the people of each country bring their very own diverse standards to the table. In the Gulf countries, you get to see this at close quarters. However, you also see how alike we are in terms of our family values, ethics, approach to education, [and] religion…”

Download the article here.