Campus Pyar

I met my future husband for the first time during interviews at the business school we had both applied to. Along with a roomful of nervous applicants, we were assigned an obscure topic and expected to fire off insights, one after the other. He is the only one I remember meeting that day; firstly because of the unkempt, bushy beard he was sporting and secondly, because of the conviction in his voice and his eloquence. Subsequently, when he shaved off his beard one day, to finally fit in with business school protocol, it was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

What is it about campus-life that sparks love interests? With everyone eyeing everyone else as a potential connection, life on campus can seem like a long chain of checking-outs, hook-ups and dramatic break-ups, punctuated by boring exams and holidays.

Campus love is like no other—everyone knows who’s dating/mating/cheating who. Love is in the air and so is melodrama. Squabbles escalate into epic battles, boyfriend troubles can lead to three-day long crying jags and a shared cup of ice-cream can become the most memorable date ever!

Aided by suggestive songs from romantic movies, cheesy lines from romance novels and poetic couplets stolen from poetry books, campus lovers embark on the Technicolor, larger-than-life, no-holds-barred, love story of their lives. Whether they succeed or not, the point is to join in on campus pyar.

Was your college romance, love or crush the best of your life?