We Believe…

Two new romantic movies are in the cinemas and I can’t wait to see both Raanjhana and Lootera. Despite promises that both movies would be ‘different’, I am not really expecting anything but instant love, trials, tribulations and happy endings. And yet, I am eagerly anticipating watching the movies. I often wonder why.

I think the reason they get to me every time is pretty much the same reason I read (and now publish) romance books. Romance and love—whether in films or books—are basically the same story, about two people falling in love. But the reason why millions of people—and I—come back to the same predictable theme, is because we are believers.

We believe in the power of love; we believe that love conquers all and we believe, above all, in happy endings. And somehow we believe, in spite of heavy doses of reality in the form of depressing news in the papers and on television; despite our relationship break-ups and screw-ups and despite jeering cynics on the sidelines.

Watching and reading romance helps me to keep my optimism and faith alive. And so I am going to watch these two ‘new’ movies, and for three hours am going to suspend reality and let myself be moved by the power of love, romance and music. I think we all deserve a little romance to brighten our lives; it makes for happier people all around.

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Naheed, I understand your take on Romance totally.
About the two movies you spoke of- I can’t speak about Lootera as I am yet to see it. Ranjhhna though is not the movie you are expecting it to be. Yes there is love and then there are myriad emotions including a rather stiff dose of tragedy and pain. It’s a movie I wouldn’t miss though.

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