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  • Transitioning from Short Stories to Novels

    Writing a novel is like running a cross-country race. You have to keep the pace, but in order to make it to the finish line, you have to make sure you don’t run out of steam too soon. Cross-country is a better analogy than a racetrack because along the way, there have to be alternate […]

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  • The Packed Punch of a Short Story

    After seeing her books everywhere—she is Canadian after all—I finally picked up a book of short stories by Alice Munro. Let me state clearly that I am a big fan of the short story format. Gems like The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs, Jane by Somerset Maugham, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and anything by […]

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  • Knight in Shining Armor (SSC2)

    Knight in Shining Armor by Farida Rahman ———- “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I hate you,” murmured Sitara. She picked up her book again but the happy laughter coming from outside was most distracting. It was really hard to concentrate on diseases and their cures. She threw the book on the bed and looked again into the mirror. […]

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  • How Does it Make You Feel? (SSC2)

    How Does it Make You Feel by Komal Singh ————– “How does it make you feel?” “Weak.” “Why?” “Because I can’t control it.” “Why do you think that is?” “You should know. You’re the therapist.” “…” He looks down at his dirty fingernails. “Do you mind if I smoke?” “Go ahead.” “Thanks.” He lights a […]

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  • For Heaven’s Sake, Why? (SSC2)

    For Heaven’s Sake, Why? by Farida Rahman ———– It was hard to cut off the enthusiastic literary debate happening in my class at midpoint, but I had to, since it was very important to see ‘HIM’ today. “Right Ladies,” I said, “we’ll continue the discussion on John Keats and an easeful death tomorrow. I need […]

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  • The Difference (SSC2)

    The Difference by Aniesha Brahma ——– “You do know age is nothing but a number, don’t you?” Arjun whispered in my ear, as his hand snaked around my waist to get the door of the kitchen for me.  “Is there something I can help you with?” I asked pointedly, trying my best to keep my […]

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