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  • Meeting by Arrangement (SSC2)

    Meeting by Arrangement by Maria Perry Mohan ————– “A boy and his parents? Coming to see me? Are you joking?” Sukriti clutched her phone as if for support. “Mumma! I can’t believe you’re saying this.” “Sukriti, please don’t make this any more difficult for me than it already is.” Her mother’s voice on the line […]

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  • The Ballet Lesson (SSC2)

    The Ballet Lesson by Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan —————- As I watch her twist and twirl, always a step ahead of me, I cannot help but recall our mother’s ill-fated attempts at making me learn the more traditional Keralite dance of Mohiniyattam over a decade ago. Blessed as I had been with a voice that could crack […]

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  • 7:42 (SSC2)

    7:42 by Viba ————- In the dull, sterile surroundings, one or two screens blink and the rapid rush of keys indicates people working feverishly at their computers. If I listen carefully, there are a few conversations going on. In one corner of my mind, a timer has started counting down the time until the next […]

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  • The Equals (SSC2)

    The Equals by Sonia Rao ———– Priyam Kumar, Inspector-in-charge of Dholpur CFJ (Centre for Justice) smiled into the cup-shaped receiver of the communication device when she heard Sheena of MoonCell Remand Centre say hello at the other end. A scowl settled on her face, though, when she remembered the reason for her call. “Sheena, I’ve […]

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  • A Night at the Temple of Circe (SSC2)

    A Night at the Temple of Circe by Karthik L —————- I generally believe that prudence is the better part of valor. But then there are occasions when I have one of those sudden rushes of blood to the head. I was seized by one such moment of madness when both my friends backed out […]

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  • Revenge (SSC2)

    Revenge by Neelesh Gajanan Inamdar ———– His head rises from the water-filled basin.  A dripping face in the mirror.  Red-veined, bloodshot eyes. Eyes with a glaze, like the glint off a frozen lake.  Sleepless for 24 hours.  Rewind memories.  Her deceptive embrace. The arching of her back, the horror in her eyes.  The warmth of […]

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