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LAB-announcements-1Love Across Borders was an initiative started in August 2013, on the cusp of Pakistan and India’s Independence Days. We would like to continue that tradition, and supplement it with a vibrant, dynamic blog consisting of articles, short stories, poems, and visual art┬áthat celebrates what these two peoples have in common. Their differences are well-known and oft-repeated.┬áThis is an effort to redress the imbalance.

So if you’re a writer, a poet or an artist and you would like to contribute to this initiative, fill out the form below. Outstanding and original contributions will be compiled into a second anthology of stories and articles and released on August 14/15 2015.




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Hi Sabahat,

I have registered in the docs to write for jan 26th on the wordpress, but have not yet received the login information with regards to it. Alternatively what would be the address to submit my work if the latter not available.
Your response much appreciated.Thanks!

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