Hiba Khan’s Opposites Attract

What if you suddenly discover, to your amazement, that the person you thought you will hate forever was destined to be the love of your life?

Ayza considered Fahad a pest and was irritated by the pranks he played on her. Ten years later he has grown into a handsome and successful travel writer, but her opinion hasn’t changed.

Fahad has been unsuccessfully trying to get Ayza’s attention since he was five, and he is not about to stop now that she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Armed with his bag of tricks and an ulterior motive, he does his best to get through to her. To his delight, she rises to the bait, responding with ingenuity and beating him at his own game.

But then, as Fahad and his tricks begin to get underneath her skin, she is confused by her growing feelings for her previously despised neighbor.

Fahad and Ayza need to get their act together, because if they don’t, the biggest joke is on them.

3 replies on “Hiba Khan’s Opposites Attract”

Hmm… Opposites do attract and of course, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Keen to read how you have built their relationship, Hiba Khan! All the best!

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