Sundari Venkatraman’s Double Jeopardy

Sanya doesn’t just have trouble, she has double trouble. Twins Arth and Ansh Sharma are rich, sexy and sinfully handsome—what’s a girl to do?

Sanya last saw the twins when she was ten years old. Now, all grown up, she has come looking for gentle Arth, the twin she has loved ever since she can remember. But instead, she is confronted with fiery Ansh, who is hell-bent on seducing her. And what’s worse, she can’t seem to stop herself from responding to him.

As she chases Arth and is chased by Ansh, Sanya finds herself on a crazy roller coaster ride with no way of getting off. How will she deal with these two very different men in her life? Will she be able to convince one twin that she loves the other?

17 replies on “Sundari Venkatraman’s Double Jeopardy”

I think I am in love with Ansh because I got up at 5 AM to finish your book Sundari. I love the rustle and the tussle between Sanya and Ansh. And boy is he hot!

I have read many novellas with the classic two boys and a girl plot. This one has a great twist. Loved it.

Thank you so much Sumeetha! I personally felt torn between Arth and Ansh. I am so glad you liked my book

Looking forward to this one since feb. will be one of the titles that I will be downloading today 🙂

Okay guys, that’s mine. Hoping to hear your feedback! 🙂
And please wish me luck as my work is being published after so long – 13 years, in fact

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