Roopa Menon’s Poetry Aur Pyar

College beauty Arundhati Basu would rather stick her head in the proverbial oven than host this year’s Founder’s Day event with tongue-tied nerd, Nikhil Menon. Desperate to woo Arundhati, the girl of his dreams, Nikhil turns to his cool granny with her bag of funky tricks and treats. Along with his shayarana andaz, it works like a charm. Arundhati and Nikhil hang out together and do each other a world of good. Pretentious Arundhati gets a thumping dose of reality, along with platefuls of panipuri and Rajnikant movies. Self-conscious Nikhil gets a much needed confidence boost and makeover.

The only kabab mein hadi is the brilliant but elusive campus poet D.G. Beckett that Arundhati thinks she is in love with. Will Arundhati choose Pyar or Poetry and how will Nikhil tell her is he both?

One reply on “Roopa Menon’s Poetry Aur Pyar”

Hmm… need to find out whether Arundhati chooses poetry or pyar. I just love smart grandmas. Looking forward to reading this one. All the best Roopa Menon! Is Nikhil Menon a relative? 😉

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